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Glycogen Storage Disease

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2018 AGSD Conference Location

The 2018 Conference will be in Davenport, Iowa on September 21 & 22, 2018
Registration forms for the 2018 conference were mailed out in the recent copy of the Ray. Check your inbox or mailbox.  An additional pdf copy can be accessed here.  Web registration will be live mid-May.

Hotel Information
Please register using this link: or call 563-322-2200.

Reservations are your responsibility. To get the $109/night rate, reservations must be made prior to September 1 by identifying yourself as part of the AGSD – Annual 2018 Conference. Parking fees at the hotel have been waived. There is also a shuttle from the Moline, IL, airport to the hotel. Just let them know when your flight will be arriving and they will arrange for you to be picked up and taken back.